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Creating a web presenter for your site couldn't be easier.



















See the step by step plan below to understand how we design your web presenter...

1. Initial Idea

The first stage of the workflow is to design the initial concept for your web video. We can do this by email, phone or of course in person.

Example Web Presenter concepts:

  • Use your web presenter to demostrate a product or service using relevant objects or techniques.

  • Use your web presenter to help navigate your visitors around your site by pointing to different parts of your webpage.

  • Use your web presenter to catch visitors attention by entering the page dynamically, eg:

    • Jumping on the page
    • Walking onto the page
    • Fading in
    • Pull themself onto the page

2. Script

You can either provide the script yourself or we can use our professional script writer to produce one from scratch (for an extra fee.)script writing We will base your script on your company mission statement or marketing campaign for your products or services.

3. Which Presenter?

We have gathered a wide range of presenters from all ages, ethnicities and walks of life to ensure we have the right match for your product.

You can showcase our presenters reading a short script in our gallerygallery of web presentersOf course you can also provide your own presenter or appear as your self for a 15% discount.

4. Filming

Next, your web presenter will be filmed by our own production team using the very latest High-Defintion broadcast cameras.
XDCAM HD Our experienced camera crew will know how to get the best out of your presenter for your application. Even if you decide to present your self, with no presenting experience, our crew is well versed in media presentation skills and techniques to ensure you look your best.

autocue for presenting

An autocue is used in our studio for all pieces to camera so there is no worries about learning a complicated script.

5. Editing

Once we have filmed your presenter we move to one of our broadcast editing suites where your transparent Flash web presenter is created.

This stage is usually completed within the hour, with your web presenter files ready to take away with you.

6. Finished Product

Your finished product will be in the form of a HD transparent Flash file, maximised for quality and data size to ensure a low bandwidth usage.